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Creations and performances


Le Grenier de Grelin: A Pyrotechnic Dance Theater and Music ingredients for Attic Experiment (France, Lebanon, Spain, Portugal, Catar, 2007-2011)

Naiades: Aquatic sensations (2005-2011)

Verte Folie project (Sketches of Gravity) (2011)

Journal d'une Serveuse de Caféteria  (France Tour, 2006-2008)

Le Clou: Spiky Fiction in short filmmaking (2009)

Waterbox: Mellows and Marshmallows on a disc (Music project,2008)

Meduses de Minuit :  Street Submarine Memory Adventure (France, and Europe tour -2007)

Ramdam: 'Cupboard Musical Zombies' in Solemn Public Walk ( France and Europe, 2006)

Terre de Feu (Japanese Kaguras, France, Lebanon, Europe, 2005-2006)

Dumb Melody: Didactic Anglo French Musical about Mutism, (University of Exeter, UK 2004, Great Hall/ Entente Cordiale Event).


Participations, co directing or stage assisting


Compagnie Prefabriquée La Fée aux gros yeux (stage assistant and actress)

Moriarty (music clip: dance director for Julie Gold Candy Cane, 2010)

Canards sous la pluie  and Vita Violenta Films (see canardssouslapluie.org, 2010-11) (participation)

Participation for Dance performances Homen Produto with Tatiana France (Dancer for Deborah Colcker and Kandinsky with Denise Telles (University Rio de Janeiro)

Nagarythmes: Voice chants, with Nagarythe musicians Dania Lefebvre, (ex Carolyn Carlson musician), Guilhem Roig, Marina Melka.