"Thank you so much for all your brilliant Ballet lessons, Gradually my confidence is getting better and so are my Ballet moves. I look forward to the next lesson. " Ella, 17, Student



“I have found the proprioceptive dance classes offered in our local arts centre to be an excellent reintroduction into dance and ballet techniques and practices after a long period of inactivity. Tatiana Melka is a wonderful teacher in encouraging me to expand and explore my own levels of awareness and abilities. She has helped me to improve my abilities greatly and has kept me and my body free from over-extension and thus injury or damage to my muscles and joints. This has been very important to me as a middle-aged woman who loves dance and would like to continue forms of movement into my elderly years.”


Stephanie, University lecturer in History, and Cultural Ambassador of  a Native American Tribe in the US




"I have been attending Tatiana's Proprioceptive Dance class for several months now, and will continue as it has felt incredibly beneficial.  I feel stronger and more upright - freer in my movement and more aware of myself in space - not only in dance but in everyday life.  Each theme we work on has an enlightening effect.  I also do Yoga and Alexander Technique, and Tatiana's approach blends very well with these."


Mary, Drama Therapist and University teacher




I went to the proprioceptive dance class, led by Tatiana Melk, to explore the interplay of my body and my mind.

I loved the warming up on the floor; stretching out your arms and legs like a sea star, then shrink up till you are in an embryonic position, then stretch out again and so forth. It helped a lot to be flexibly prepared for the next part of the lesson, my favourite part.

Every lesson we had a topic, for instance harmony, disharmony, light or resistance. With this in mind we created choreographies or improvised our movements, sometimes alone, sometimes in pairs or with the whole group. It was wonderful to dance together with those women, to feel the energy between us, even when our eyes were closed.

It felt good being one with the music, my body, the other dancers. It felt good to have the possibility to explore a topic with my body instead of my mind. It felt good to improvise and see where the movement would lead me to.

For everyone who is curious to try something new, who likes to explore his/her inner part, I really recommend this class!


Lina (PHD student in Psychology, 24)

We live in dark times in many ways – which is why what you are offering in terms of your art and dance are so essential and important – so that we stay connected to the light and know that we can transform. Thank you Tatiana – your classes are beautiful../ Absolutely wonderful ballet class this morning with Tatiana Melka at Chapel House Dance Studios, Totnes. If you feel in need of inspiration, or would like to build your flexibility, strength, muscle tone, sense of self, balance, find inner peace and ground, look no further! Truly beautiful start to the day/week, and with such lovely music and movements. Tatiana is without doubt the best dance teacher I've ever had, and I've experienced a lot of dance teachers in my life. She is someone who really understands, respects and gracefully encourages each individual's body, knowing we are unique and embodied spirit, and that our bodies house our souls. Come and join her class - you won't be disappointed


Liza G.W, Psychologist, 49


"I absolutely love this class.  It has a very welcoming atmosphere [and is in a light and airy ballet studio with high ceilings and large windows*].  I really love Tatiana's brilliant teaching and find her approach inspiring.  She combines lots of encouragement with attention to detail so that our movements are correct.  (For adult learners I think this is important to avoid injuries.).  I love the beautiful music and the creative choreography.  I look forward to the class all week and then feel happy all evening after it."


 I was looking for a ballet class for a year after my one week ballet retreat (my first and only classes) last year and could only find classes where either there was not enough attention to detail or the teacher was mean to people.  I am so happy to have found your class which I consider completely perfect.


Thank you for all your hard work teaching us!


Elizabeth S. , Management consultant, 40.

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